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EPIC People come together to build expertise, create professional opportunities, learn new skills and frameworks, find inspiration and diverse perspectives, and rise to new challenges.

We invite you to join EPIC: a non-profit organization and global community of researchers, creators, innovators, and leaders doing ethnography for impact in business and organizations.

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Advancing ethnography, crafting our careers, and catalyzing positive change are collective endeavors. We are a warm, generous group of people who believe in collaborating, learning, debating, and creating together. Crucially, your membership also makes our non-profit, volunteer-driven community possible.

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Learning & Networking Week A week-long, online festival of learning, career development, networking, and social events! 40+ sessions FREE for members. Member-only tutorials are $100.
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Annual Conference Join our famous event: the premiere global conference on ethnography in business & organizations! Come to Chicago (additional fees) or livestream (free for members in 2023!). Members can also watch the most recent two conferences on demand (prior years are open access).
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Tutorials Learn anytime with our video collection of short courses taught by experts in the EPIC community.
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Talks & Seminars Explore methods and practices, theory, career development, and current topics affecting our work and organizations. Online talks and seminars are FREE for EPIC Members, who can also propose, organize, and present sessions.
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The EPIC community is a famously warm, generous group, and soon we will have a new tool for creating and sustaining networks and collaborations all year.
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Courses With small cohorts and masterful instructors, learn essential techniques and frameworks grounded in ethnographic principles. Courses address the realities of our work environments and our goal to create and act on deep insight about people and culture for positive, ethical impact (additional fees).
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“Being a member of the EPIC community is a profoundly stimulating experience. I have found a sense of belonging and a space for learning and sharing, and I have been consistently awed by the remarkable multidisciplinary work that makes EPIC what it is. It inspires me to approach my work with renewed vision and perspective.”
—Rama Vennelakanti | ex-Intel, ex-HP Labs, ex-BPL Mobile

“EPIC is a space where I can challenge my thought, get support for my practice, and learn new perspectives – all crucial aspects to growing as a research leader.”
—Heli Rantavuo, Head of Customer Insight | OP Financial