Advancing the Value of Ethnography


These thematic collections of resources in the EPIC library are thoughtfully curated by experts in our community. They synthesize each piece, offer cross-cutting analysis of topics, and reflect on the evolution and future of ethnographic work.

Collections are free to read/watch and share!

Object on a table


Automation shifts work, decision making and pattern finding among people and mechanized systems. This collection shows the value of ethnography in understanding, designing, or critiquing automations and their profound implications for social life.

wood with paint

Material Culture

Objects are material but also deeply cultural. Through ethnographic analysis, they become pathways to understanding people and creating value within social, economic and ecological systems.

people walking in a city long exposure


No human behavior exists in isolation. This collection demonstrates the core value of ethnography in understanding and catalyzing people, products, services, organizations, and research itself as social phenomena.

Geometric wall


Connecting ethnographic practice to strategic practice, and engaging with strategy as a social process, extends the value and impact of our work.

Abstract art

Sociotechnical Systems & Assemblages

Sociotechnical systems and assemblages are now core frameworks for understanding digital and algorithmic systems—and they reveal the fragility of the human/non-human boundary.

people walking in a city long exposure


Ethnography approaches work and workplaces as social activities with cultural meaning, creating opportunities for more positive organizations, labor, and interactions between individuals and systems.