Advancing the Value of Ethnography

Equity at EPIC

We believe ethnography demands a focus on equity. Ethnographers strive to understand people’s worlds on their own terms, and shape organizations, products, services and experiences that are tools for them to build the lives they envision, free from the inequalities that may define their present. To do this well, we must address the ways we are connected to diverse, global communities through systems that benefit some and disadvantage others. Embedded in these systems are deep inequities of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class/caste, disability, and identity.

The EPIC Equity Council

The goals of the EPIC Equity Council are to advance equity within our community and create ​collaborative ​space​s​ for EPIC people to ​embed equity within their work. The council works with EPIC’s executive director and board to develop equity programs and policies, build organizational capacity for equity efforts, and direct the use of equity funding from sponsors and individuals.

Shakima headshot

Shakima Jackson-Martinez, Equity Council Chair

Shakima is the Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at AnswerLab, where she leads the DE&I and talent acquisition functions. She has over 15 years of corporate experience in human resources, strategy, and operations. She is passionate about using research to foster a deeper understanding of company culture and organizational needs while creating spaces where people feel a true sense of belonging. Shakima is also a member of the EPIC Board.

photo of Lauren Rhodes

Lauren Monsein Rhodes, Equity Council Member

Lauren is an ethnographer and qualitative researcher who is currently a Senior User Researcher at Cisco. She has worked at Crown Equipment Corporation, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, University of Latvia, and other organizations, and served on the boards of the Museum Education Roundtable and New York City Museum Educators Roundtable. Lauren is a believer in community building and has been an active member of the EPIC community. She holds a PhD in anthropology from University of Washington.

photo of Frank Romagosa

Frank Romagosa, Equity Council Member

Frank is an anthropologist, design researcher and strategic designer. He has worked in major financial institutions and technology companies, startups, and consultancies, and taught strategic design at Parsons School of Design and anthropology at Princeton. A long-time EPIC member, he has served on many conference committees and as co-chair of the PechaKucha committee. As an anthropologist, a New Orleanian, and the first-generation son of Latin immigrants, the place of race, migration, memory, and local history are core. Frank holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Chicago.

Get Involved!

In order to advance equity with meaningful outcomes, to value equity and invest in it, we need your help:

1. Participate

If you have experienced barriers to inclusion and/or your work advances equity in ethnographic practice, and are interested in initiatives or discounts that support your participation in the EPIC community, we invite you to reach out to these folks:

  • With questions or comments about the EPIC Fellowship program, please email Shakima Jackson-Martinez,
  • To request a discount for an EPIC Course, please complete this form, and if you have questions or comments please email Laura Schroeder, We can’t guarantee that discounts will be available for every course, but we do everything we can to offer at least some discount based on financial need.
  • Information about EPIC2024 registration fees here, including discounted rates for students and anyone whose registration is not supported by their employer or organization. If you are in the Global South and experience financial barriers to attending EPIC2024, we invite you to complete this form. We can’t guarantee that discounts will be available for everyone who submits a request, but we do everything we can to offer at least some discount based on financial need. If you have questions about the form or anything else related to conference registration fees or equity, please email Laura Schroeder,
  • If you have questions about the accessibility of EPIC events or resources, please email Greg Weinstein and Kate Mesh,
  • If you have questions or comments about anything else equity related, please email and we will find the right person to connect with you!

2. Make a Financial Contribution

We invite you to make a Donation, in any amount, according to your ability. Your donation directly supports equity and financial inclusion and enables access to our community, events, and resources. Equity make our entire field more just, rigorous, capable, and resilient.

3. Leverage Organizational Support

We honor organizational contributors as Equity Partners and offer benefits in recognition of their support. Contact us to find out more about Equity Partnership:

4. Contribute Time and Wisdom

Everything EPIC does is powered by members and volunteers. Please contact us to contribute time, wisdom, and good old “elbow grease” to our equity programs! We’d love your help with training, mentoring, fundraising, project management, and outreach:

EPIC Equity Partners & Donors

Our equity program could not exist without individuals and organizations who believe that investing in equity is essential. We are thrilled to recognize our inaugural Equity Partners: Catalyst Constellations, Multilingual Connections, Generation Focus, and Twig + Fish.

twig & fish logo

Individual contributors include 52 anonymous donors and:
Adelina, Alexandra Mack, Andrea Villa, Anna Edmondson, Aude, Charley Scull, Collabo XD, David L, Deborah Gassner, Dustin Kiskaddon, Elizabeth Anderson-Kempe, Erin Duncan, Evan Hanover, Felicia Zusman, Gregory Weinstein, Helen King, Indicia Consulting, Jeff Chen, Jennifer Collier Jennings, Jillian Powers, Johannes, Kate Sieck, Kathi R Kitner, Kimberley Peter, Lisa Talia Moretti, M LeVan, Marta Cuciurean-Zapan, Martha Cotton, Marty Gage, Matt Bernius, Melissa, Meredith Hamilton, Mike Youngblood, Niels, noodle research, Ovetta Sampson, Pebble Strategy, Raquel Valverde, Robin Beers, Rose Kue, Rutabaga, Scott Matter, Simon Roberts, Sonder Studio, Ulla Geisel, Tamisha Shankar, Tania Schlatter, Thomas J McLeish, Tracey Lovejoy, Ya