Advancing the Value of Ethnography

Designing Research across Language and Culture


Connecting with global research participants requires more than just pure language knowledge. How do we ask questions in a way that reflects an understanding of their culture? In ways that resonate with them? How do well-intentioned researchers address issues of gender neutrality and inclusiveness, hear participants’ authentic voices, and understand their stories?

Join Jill Bishop, linguistic anthropologist and CEO of Multilingual Connections, to learn about best practices around language in global research, focusing in particular on strategizing for translation of interview guides, surveys, transcripts, and other research tools and outputs.


Jill Kushner BishopDr. Jill Kushner Bishop is the Founder & CEO of Multilingual Connections, which specializes in culturally nuanced translation, transcreation, research moderation, and multimedia localization services that help clients create connections across languages and cultures. Jill brought her Ph.D. in linguistic anthropology to the corporate world, where she worked as a user researcher, and then oversaw the implementation of language and culture programs for 130 Chipotle Mexican Grill locations. In 2005, she launched Multilingual Connections to help organizations understand, engage, and grow their multilingual audiences. When she’s not working, she’s spending time with her husband and teen son, renovating houses, and trying to make her garden grow.

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