EPIC Announces New Executive Director

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We are proud and excited to announce that we’ve hired EPIC’s first Executive Director. Rita Denny is known to many of you as a researcher extraordinaire, consultant, author, and teacher, and she's been a leader in our field for two decades.

This is another important milestone for EPIC that reflects collective efforts over 14 years. In 2004, ken anderson and Tracey Lovejoy created EPIC as an annual conference to support our emerging field. As the event itself, and its legacy of publications, became increasingly central in our professional lives, in 2014 the board moved to establish EPIC as a year-round community. When we made our first hire we were lucky to find Jennifer Collier Jennings, whose exquisite and diverse talents propelled new membership, learning, and communications initiatives. Hundreds of you have worked with Jennifer to create the growth that enables us to welcome Rita to our team.

Rita’s career has many wonderful highlights. She has worked in the field since the 90s and has been a part of many critical shifts that have raised the profile of business ethnography in both industry and academia. Her consulting work has supported the strategic development of products, services, and brands for Fortune Global 500 companies, government agencies, and public institutions. And her books, articles, teaching, and mentorship have influenced a generation of practitioners. Rita co-chaired EPIC2017 with Gary Gebhardt of HEC Montréal.

"I am delighted (and a bit awed) to join the EPIC team and creating great adventures with the community. My 2019 resolution—more humor, less pain, grand vision and inclusive action—just might be achievable with the help of EPIC colleagues! I can’t wait."  —Rita

Over the last 14 years, the practitioner base that calls EPIC home has grown, diversified and flourished. Your support has enabled EPIC to grow beyond the conference to a membership-based organization, a digital platform for sharing key resources and expertise, and new opportunities for learning.

With Rita on our team of staff and volunteers we will bring more momentum to all of these efforts and continue to grow EPIC as an essential professional organization for this incredible community. We have great confidence that the whole team will dive into those challenges and opportunities with creativity, dedication, and aspiration.

You’ll hear more from our excellent colleagues in 2019.


The EPIC Board:

Maria Bezaitis, President
Martha Cotton, Secretary
ken anderson, Treasure

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