Past Conferences

The EPIC conference is the premier international gathering on ethnography in the business world. Find proceedings and video by year below, or search our library.

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EPIC2017 – Perspectives
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Perspectives explores the vantage points that create and constrain ethnographic practices. What comes of widening or narrowing scope? Shifting positions? Subverting norms?

EPIC2016 – Pathmaking
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Pathmaking emphasizes the power of ethnography to create transformative innovation, growth and strategic success for companies, industries and communities.

EPIC2015 – Building Bridges
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Crossing the equator for the first time, EPIC2015 explored the diverse connections among people, places, industries, and disciplines at the heart of ethnographic praxis.

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EPIC 2014 asks researchers and practitioners from different fields to explore how positive relations can lead to new beginnings and possibilities, or reestablish old ties.

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For this first time we run the conference not with a theme to orient us but with a goal - to widen our gene pool!

EPIC2012 – Renewal
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Societies, cities, communities, economies, organizations, businesses and disciplines all renew themselves and are renewed. Renewal can be instinctive, natural and incremental and it can also be.

EPIC2011 – Evolution/Revolution
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We are focused this year on the harmonies and disjunctions between the continuous evolution of practice and the pressures of radical change.

EPIC2010 – 道 Dō
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道 Dō captures the sense of individual mastery that is achieved only with the help of a community and its rich heritage. 道 Dō implies a body of knowledge and tradition with an ethic and an.

EPIC2009 – Taking Care of Business
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Taking Care of Business: having an impact and staying relevant as ethnographers in today's economic climate.

EPIC2008 – Being Seen
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Paradoxes and Practices of (In)Visibility.

EPIC2007 – Being Heard
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EPIC2006 – Transitions
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EPIC2005 – Sociality
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Are we getting enough? Working within or with industry, ethnographers are expected to pay attention to corporate priorities and current.