Little Data, Big Data and Design at LinkedIn

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LinkedIn's User Experience Design (UED) Research team is relatively small. The data we gather is even more drastically outnumbered. LinkedIn’s design and product development process is steeped in behavioral data, real-time metrics, and predictive models. Working alongside teams generating and focused on big numbers, our group of qualitative researchers helps decision makers understand how our products fit into members’ lives, envision future experiences, and take a peek behind the numbers. We'll share how our team discovers and uses “little data” to inform and inspire, in the context of a company driven by “big data.”

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  1. I remember this presentation as one of the standouts and the paper is great as well. Thanks for a well-structured, very open and plain language narrative from your practice at LinkedIn. I find a lot in here really useful for thinking about intelligent ways to combine clients’ existing quant data with our ethnographic approach as well as to use your stories as analogies for my team and snowblind clients.

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