Advancing the Value of Ethnography

New Learning Opportunities for EPIC People


EPIC’s ability to “advance the value of ethnography in industry” is powered by  the skills, expertise and impact of the individuals who make up this community. What better way to amplify and develop those skills than with and through our remarkable colleagues working on related problems with expertise to share?

In our ongoing efforts to support each of you in your workplaces, we are proud to launch new learning opportunities: Formally organized Courses and a series of monthly Talks brought to you by EPIC and the wonderful individuals who have contributed their expertise.

Over time we expect to expand and diversify these events as well as create other opportunities for EPIC people to share and learn. We are always ready for your comments and feedback and open to your suggestions on topics to consider.

A special shout-out goes to Jennifer Collier Jennings and Martha Cotton, who have led the organization’s efforts with our instructors to get ready for our launch. We look forward to more excellent opportunities in this arena this year!

Your EPIC Board: Maria Bezaitis, Alexandra Mack, & ken anderson


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