Representing Your Professional Self: Positioning, Strategy & Portfolio Review

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Refine your goals, materials, and strategy for navigating job transitions with the support of a career coach, peer cohort, and insights from senior hiring managers in research and design.

Instructor: TRACEY LOVEJOY, Catalyst Constellations
Enrollment: 30
Schedule: Live session Nov 3, 17 & Dec 3, 8 + self-paced learning (See also Coursework and Schedule)
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Navigating the job market can feel nerve wracking and isolating, but this process is really a social journey that depends on connections: Connecting your past experience to future goals. Connecting your interests, values, and skills to a landscape of organizations and job roles. Connecting to recruiters, screeners, and hiring managers through cover letters, resumes, portfolios, and interviews. Connecting yourself as a whole person to the (sometimes alienating) list of skills and qualities that represent the “right” candidate in a position description.

This course connects you to a coach, a working peer cohort, wisdom from hiring managers, and resources to build an effective resume/portfolio and navigate the career marketplace as an ethnographer or researcher. You will:

  • Refine your own goals, value, and approach to self-representation
  • Practice “strength stories” that develop your fluency in self-representation
  • Learn strategies and best practices to communicating your experience, skills, and research case studies in a resume or portfolio
  • Hear research and design leaders in a variety of companies and agencies describe their approach to hiring and evaluating candidates
  • Create or refurbish your resume, portfolio, and/or research case study
  • Receive live feedback on your resume, portfolio, or research case study from a senior research manager in the EPIC community

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for anyone building a resume or portfolio, and is ideal for those in early career stages (0–5 years) OR making a career transition in which you are shifting your career goals and the way you represent yourself professionally (eg, academic to industry; freelance to in-house; change in industry, sector, or discipline).

Please get in touch if you’d like to chat about whether this course is right for you:


"As I navigate the awkward dance from academia into industry, Tracey’s course allowed me to know that this transition is common, valid and possible through the course meetings, asynchronous homework, and revisions of professional materials. I now have a pithy 1-2 page resume that was distilled from a laundry list CV. And that resume was shared with a senior hiring manager who gave candid and actionable feedback over an unhurried conversation. This course also reinforced the importance of fostering your professional networks so you can make a career transition with some grace. Tracey said we all have ruby slippers, and now I know I have a pair too."
—V, Course Participant


This is an online course with a combination of live sessions and asynchronous, self-paced learning. In addition to the instructor/coach, a senior manager assigned to review your portfolio, and instructional materials, your peer cohort is a crucial source of wisdom and support, and your active engagement with other participants during and after the course is encouraged.

The course is designed to be flexible and feasible for working professionals, but it does require your time and commitment to the course components:

Live Sessions:

  • Two cohort sessions led by Tracey Lovejoy, EPIC co-founder and professional coach
  • One resume/portfolio review session with a senior manager in the EPIC community


  • Video presentations, articles and resources on creating effective resumes, portfolios, and research case studies
  • Build/revise your resume, portfolio, or research case study in preparation for live review session


Session 1:  November 3, 9:30–11:30 am US Pacific Time

The first session is focused on refining and articulating your goals, strengths, “thesis statement,” and approach to self-representation through artifacts (eg portfolio, resume), presentation, and networking. The group will also discuss key challenges and build a supportive peer community.

Asynchronous learning and resume/portfolio building: November 4–16

  • Video Presentation: Resume & Portfolio Strategy
  • Video Presentation: Interview Strategy
  • Video Presentation: Research Case Studies
  • Video Collection: Wisdom from Hiring Managers
  • Sample portfolios
  • Articles & Resources

Session 2: November 17, 9:30–12:00

In this session you’ll come together to further extend learnings from the videos and readings and apply them to your own goals, challenges, and artifacts. Working with the instructor and in breakout groups, you’ll continue to refine your strength stories to build fluency in communicating about experience and goals, prepare your resume or portfolio for review, and practice presenting your materials.

Work on materials for live review session: November 18–December 2

Session 3: Resume/Portfolio Review: December 3, 9:30–11:00

This review session gives you direct, candid, and realistic feedback from a senior hiring manager in a positive, supportive environment. You'll also observe live reviews of two other participants.

Session 4: December 8, 9:30–11:00

In this session we'll debrief about the review session to benefit from the collective wisdom and different perspectives we've experienced. We'll also commit to some next steps in our journey.


Tracey Lovejoy is the co-founder of EPIC, an anthropologist, and a longtime amplifier of Catalysts. For many years she drove innovation at Microsoft by connecting designers and engineers to the needs of their customers and managing teams to catalyze change. Today Tracey is a coach for change makers. She’s supported Catalysts and their teams in wide variety of large organizations, such as Amazon, Facebook, Steelcase, Microsoft, Intel, Vodafone, and Redfin. She also works with individual movers and shakers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners across many industries including healthcare, education, technology, professional services, retail, and food service. She is author of the best-selling book Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out.: The Catalyst’s Guide to Working Well (with Shannon Lucas).

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