Advancing the Value of Ethnography

Talking to Stakeholders


Presenting research is more than delivering analyzed data. The value of our work as ethnographers in industry is limited by whether or not clients and stakeholders act on our learnings and recommendations. In order to ensure that we are heard and understood by decision makers, we need to understand them and outcomes they care about so we can frame both how and what we deliver.

In this talk, Alex will help you strategize around how to present research for impact by:

  • Knowing your audience
  • Framing your intended outcome
  • Articulating your key message


Alexandra Mackphoto of Alexandra mack (she/her) leads innovative problem solving and strategy development based on a deep understanding of the surrounding culture and activities. She has brought this combination of customer-centered design, innovation, market research, opportunity identification, business planning, and cultural change to projects across verticals, including health care, retail, software, and financial services, and is currently Director of Research at Ad Hoc, LLC where she is responsible for defining approaches and articulating a forward-thinking vision for user research and related design and experience work with our government clients. She is also an Entrepreneur in Residence with Yale Ventures, where she has mentored student venture teams and advised faculty innovators looking to translate technologies into businesses.