Advancing the Value of Ethnography

Welcome Shakima Jackson-Martinez to the EPIC Board!


We are thrilled and honored to welcome Shakima Jackson-Martinez to the EPIC Board. Shakima is the Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at AnswerLab and has played a leading role on the EPIC Equity Council. She’s passionate about using research to foster a deeper understanding of company culture and organizational needs, as well as creating spaces where people feel a true sense of belonging.

Shakima has already done so much with and for the EPIC community, and we are incredibly lucky to have her wisdom and partnership on the board. She says,

“It has been a professional highlight to be a part of the EPIC community while centering a topic that I feel so strongly about: Equity. I am looking forward to the myriad of ways we’ll be able to provide opportunities, access, and spark new ideas by examining the ways equity impacts our roles, organizations, and lives daily.”

Departing the board is Nichole Carelock, who served for more than three years. Most recently, she played a pivotal role in initiating the Becoming EPIC: Building Equity fellowship program. Nikki is a leader in civic tech; she worked on the US Presidential transition team in 2020, and has worked on privacy at Facebook and public services at Ad Hoc LLC. She has recently assumed a significant role in the White House working in the US Digital Service. Unfortunately for EPIC, White House security does not allow her to hang out with us on Zoom! We congratulate Nikki on this exciting new role and look forward to her transformative leadership there.