Agency and the Climate Emergency

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EPIC2019 Panel, Providence, Rhode Island

DAN LOCKTON, Director of the Imaginaries Lab & Chair of Design Studies, Carnegie Mellon University

MAKALÉ FABER CULLEN, Urban Soils Fellow, Anthropocene, Urban Soils Institute
GYORGYI GALIK, Lead Advisor, Architecture and Built Environment Team, Design Council; Royal College of Art
MIKE YOUNGBLOOD, Principal, Youngblood Group

What are ethnographers’ roles in dealing with catastrophic climate crisis? Should we be exploring people’s experiences of change, trying to use our insights to help drive individual and collective action at scale through organizations, or helping civil society deal with the consequences? In this diverse set of presentations, panelists share ethnographic and design approaches to climate that engage communities, products, policy, artists, activists, and more. They examine tensions, responsibilities, and value that ethnographic practice can bring to one of the biggest issues for our collective futures.

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