Doing Ethnography in Civic Spaces

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An EPIC Talk moderated by MATT BERNIUS, Principal Design Researcher, Code for America

NICHOLE CARELOCK, Tech Talent Project & EPIC Board
A. KATHRYN HOHMAN, Director of Research and Future Planning, Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer
ABBAS JAFFER, UX Researcher, Central Integrity, Facebook
VICTOR UDOEWA, Service Design Lead & Customer Experience Strategist, NASA

March 4, 2021, 9–10:30 am US Pacific Time (UTC-8)
This online event is free for EPIC Members

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Ethnography has always illuminated the interconnections between society and industry, private and public, economic and cultural, business and civic. But recent events—COVID-19, police violence, political disinformation—have reminded us that civic institutions are fragile, and that we all have a critical role in civic spaces, whether we work for private corporations, nonprofits, or governments.

EPIC people have expressed renewed interest and urgency in addressing our roles and responsibilities in civic space. As a community of practitioners who span all sectors, industries, and disciplines, we are in a unique position to do so. To initiate discussion, debate, and action, this session will address core questions such as:

How should we define, or redefine, civic space from an ethnographic perspective? What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in civic space right now? How can ethnographers, in the many roles and organizations we inhabit, help create lasting, positive change?

Join us for a provocative and inspiring community discussion!