Advancing the Value of Ethnography

Research and Design in Controversial Spaces


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2022 EPIC Proceedings p 139, ISSN 1559-8918,

Research within public safety and law enforcement in America highlights important issues and considerations for designers and researchers. Within this industry exists controversial points of views and high stakes consequences. How do we as researchers balance empathy in spaces where points of views don’t just differ, but actively clash? Who should we consider to be our true users within a product life cycle, and how do we ensure we are designing for the future rather than the present state of the world? This PechaKucha surfaces some of the strategies employed by the research and design teams at Motorola Solutions in a holistic effort to navigate these challenges.

Image of a male police officer sitting in the driver's seat of his vehicle with the door open, looking at a mobile data terminal (police car laptop)

Photo credit: Motorola Solutions

Stefani Bachetti is a designer and researcher. She oversees the foundational and generative research practice at Motorola Solutions, which infuses human centered insights into the development of products that support people through their most critical moments. She pursues research with unquestionable depth, rigor, and an optimistically critical eye. On the side, you’ll either find her sketchnoting, or in her wood shop building toy cars and kazoos.

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