Advancing the Value of Ethnography

The Power of Ethnographic Video


Harness the power of ethnographic video for impact in this session with EPIC2023 sponsor Hasty Storytelling.

Learn how to transform data into compelling narratives that evoke emotion and inspire action in this session by Hasty Storytelling, a creative and media production agency specializing in comprehensive qualitative market research solutions.

Sponsored Session presented by Hasty Storytelling.


Greg Hasty is an advertising executive and market researcher turned design consultant. With over 10 years of research experience, he has worked closely with several Fortune 500 clients including Facebook, Toyota, and Amazon to define and further develop studies for a wide range of brand developments. Greg has developed relationships with insights teams and vendors all over the world to build a highly regarded network of research-trained design and production professionals. Greg continues to strive in bringing a much-needed eye for design production to brand development by combining infographics, animation, and cinematography to create engaging videos previously not attainable for businesses.

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