EPIC Talks is a webinar series exploring theory, methods, career development, and best practices in ethnographic practice. Talks bring our community together to share expertise, learn, debate, and test new ideas and approaches. Sessions are proposed and developed by EPIC Members. Participation is free for members and membership is open to everyone—join now.


>> Building User Research: Careers, Teams, and Leadership
>> How to Do Ethical Research


>> Ethnography and Independent Consulting: Strategies for Surviving and Thriving
>> Quant & Qual on Common Ground: Collaboration among Researchers of All Stripes
>> Regional Strategy in a Globalized World
>>  Doing Analysis with Grounded Theory (now on video)
>>  Branding in an Age of Consumer Agency (now on video)
>>  Work/Life in the Pandemic: Strategies and Support (now on video)
>>  Remote Workshops & Collaboration (now on video)
>>  Decoding Organizational Culture (now on video)
>>  Remote Research and the Challenge of 'Being There' (now on video)
>>  Post-human Centered Design: Working Responsibly at Scale (now on video)
>>  Reflexive Interviewing for Consumer Insights (now on video)


>>  Ethnography, Independent Consulting, and the Gig Life
>>  Blockchain & the Social Challenge of Cooperation
>>  Framing Brands & Markets: Consumer Culture Theory
>>  Moral Crumple Zones: Agency & Accountability in Human-AI Interaction
>>  Agency & Change: Using Anthropology to Improve Organizational Change
>>  Using Video to Think Ethnographically
>>  Collaboration by Design
>>  Creating a Strategic Role for Research in Your Organization
>>  How We Hire Researchers
>>  Mixed Methods
>>  Exploring Ethnofutures


Are EPIC Talks recorded?

Sometimes! When possible we record Talks and make them available on demand to EPIC Members. Check out our library of Talks and Tutorials here, and our complete video library including conference presentations here.

There are cases in which we can't make recordings available: Sometimes presenters offer proprietary/semi-proprietary or experimental content that they aren't ready to make more public. Other Talks are designed to evoke candid discussions, which are enhanced when participants do not feel pressured by the knowledge that they're being recorded.

Will presentation slides be distributed?

Slides, readings, or other materials are often distributed to participants—this is entirely up to the presenter.

Can I present a Talk or suggest a topic?

Any EPIC Member can propose to offer a Talk—read on for details. And we're always interested in suggestions for new topics and speakers, so please drop us a note with your ideas.

Propose a Talk

We invite EPIC Members to share expertise, skills, ideas, and creative new initiatives with each other. When you do, you’ll get stimulating feedback and important new professional connections. Any EPIC Member may propose a Talk.


We are open to a broad range of topics and formats that reflect the diversity and creativity of our community. We have just three requirements:

  • Talks must be relevant to the EPIC community and consistent with our mission.
  • Talks must be non-promotional. You may offer training for a proprietary or semi-proprietary method, product, or service if: 1. it is directly relevant to ethnographic practice; and 2. you cover its competitive/comparative, theoretical, or historical context.
  • Talks must be proposed, organized, and led by an EPIC member. You may collaborate with a non-member, for example as a co-presenter, panelist, or interviewee.


Please send proposals to with the following information:

  • Title
  • Brief bio for you + other presenters/participants
  • Format (presentation, panel, debate, etc)
  • Description (approx. 200 words)
  • Why will EPIC members want to participate? (1–2 sentences)
  • Optional: supplemental info (e.g., slides, articles, or talks you’ve given on this topic previously)

Proposals will be evaluated by EPIC according to the requirements listed above.