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Research Portfolio Workshop


Learn best practices for effective research portfolios and presentations.

(This video has been edited to protect the privacy of participants in the original session.)

In this session participants learned some best practices for effective research portfolios and presentations, then workshopped their own materials with peers in small-group breakout sessions. Watch the presentation on best practices by mentors Alexandra Mack and Mark LaFleur.


Marc Lafleur believes that at the heart of every business challenge lies a question of human experience. While he has practiced in many industries, Marc has spent much of his career working in the fields of health and life sciences. There, Marc has worked to create impactful solutions that transform health experiences and outcomes. An engagement with questions around the future has animated Marc’s career and thinking about how design, strategy and social sciences can evolve together to inform and help rethink questions of experience, sustainability, purpose and care. Marc holds a PhD in Anthropology for York University and currently leads the Experience Design team at ZS Associates.

Alexandra Mack leads innovative problem solving and strategy development based on a deep understanding of the surrounding culture and activities. She has brought this combination of customer-centered design, innovation, market research, opportunity identification, business planning, and cultural change to projects across verticals, including health care, retail, software, and financial services, and is currently Director of Research at Ad Hoc, LLC where she am responsible for defining approaches and articulating a forward-thinking vision for user research and related design and experience work with our government clients. She is also an Entrepreneur in Residence with Yale Ventures, where she has mentored student venture teams and advised faculty innovators looking to translate technologies into businesses.

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