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EPIC complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. We recognize the following rights of every individual interacting with our organization:

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  • The right to portability.

EPIC offers no guarantees about the content, reliability, or security of this site, which you use at your own risk.

If you have any questions, feedback, or difficulty accessing or managing your data, please contact us:

When We Collect Data, What We Do with It, and Why

When You Create an Account on

Your password is stored on, a WordPress site. Passwords are hashed and cannot be accessed by website administrators or EPIC staff. Your first and last name, username, email, and any profile data you share with us when creating an account and/or purchasing an EPIC membership will be stored on, in Salesforce (privacy information here), a CRM platform we use to help manage your account and our organizational data, and Aluminati Network Group Ltd. (privacy policy here), our community platform, Products, programs, and services offered on are operated under contract by Aluminati Network Group Ltd. acting under instruction as our Data Processor under the Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2018. Aluminati Network Group Ltd. will process personal data strictly for the purposes of operating these products, programs, and services. Aluminati Network Group Ltd. is registered with the Information Commissioner under membership number Z8393842. Your profile data is not visible to the public and will not be shared without your consent.

If you opt in to our email communications, we will use MailChimp (legal policies here) to process your data for the purpose of sending you email. To ensure receipt of our emails, please add to your contacts.

When You Become an EPIC Member

When you purchase an EPIC membership, your payment is processed by Stripe (privacy policy here). Your billing and credit card details are collected and processed by Stripe and are never processed or stored by EPIC. Through Stripe, EPIC staff may access limited information such as your billing address, payment dates and amounts, and last 4 digits of your credit card, but not your credit card number.


When You Register for an EPIC Event

Annual Conference

  • Data collection & processing: EPIC uses RegFox (privacy policy here) for conference registration. Your payment is processed by Webconnex Payments (privacy policy here), powered by WePay (privacy policy here). Your billing and credit card details are collected and processed by Webconnex Payments/WePay and are never processed or stored by EPIC. Through Webconnex Payments/WePay, EPIC staff may access limited information such as your billing address, payment dates and amounts, and last 4 digits of your credit card, but not your credit card number. The credit card provided may be used to refund or update your registration at your request.
  • Additional data sharing: The name, role/job title, and organization provided when purchasing your EPIC membership or updating your member profile prior to conference registration will be printed on your conference badge. This badge data, but no other EPIC profile data, will be shared with other conference attendees. We will share your badge data and email address with conference staff and volunteers when it is essential for your participation in the conference programming for which you have registered (eg, so the leader of a workshop in which you are participating can send you information and materials about the session).
  • Audio/video recording: Conference presentations are video recorded and members of the audience may occasionally be captured in this footage. Presenters sign separate media agreements to authorize this recording. EPIC Members have access to the video archive on If you have concerns about being captured in conference video, please contact us:
  • Digital platforms: EPIC will use Aluminati Network Group Ltd. (privacy policy here), Zoom (legal policies here), and/or Vimeo (privacy policy here) to deliver virtual conference programming. If EPIC uses other digital platforms to host aspects of the event or event communications, privacy policies of and regarding these platforms will be shared with attendees prior to the event.



  • Data collection & processing: EPIC uses Zoom (legal policies here) and/or Aluminati Network Group Ltd. (privacy policy here) for registration and hosting of our talks and other events. Zoom requires your name and email address to register you and provide you with access to these events.
  • Additional data sharing: When you register for talks and other events through Zoom, you will have the opportunity to provide your name, title, and affiliation. We may share your name, title, and affiliation, but not your email address, with hosts and/or presenters, but not other participants. When you register for talks and other events using Aluminati Network Group Ltd., you will have the opportunity to display your member profile in the list of attendees, visible to other EPIC members only. We may also share your name, title, and affiliation, but not your email address, with hosts and/or presenters.
  • Audio/video recording: EPIC records talks using Zoom. Most recordings are available to EPIC Members in our library. If you have concerns about being captured on video please contact us:

Managing Your Data

If you have any difficulty accessing, changing, or removing your data, contact us:

Your Account and Profile Data

You can change and update your account and profile data, including recurring payment information, on at any time by logging in and clicking My Account in the top right corner of the screen.

Email Subscriptions

You can opt out of receiving email subscriptions at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Data Processing Partners

Contact us to request your data stored in our accounts on third party platforms: We cannot access accounts that you may have created on these platforms. Please keep in mind that if you delete or remove essential information from these accounts, you may be removed from an event, program, or service you have registered for, including non-EPIC events, programs, or services that may be connected to your account.

Site Content

Conference Proceedings & Perspectives Articles

Depending on the year and context of publication, copyright to articles originally published in Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference Proceedings is held by the author(s), EPIC, and/or The American Anthropological Association. Copyright to perspectives articles is held by the authors. Individuals may freely download and share these articles for personal and professional purposes, including for use in courses, trainings, etc., in their original format and with full citation, but may not republish. For details and permission requests, contact us: Conference authors and presenters sign specific agreements concerning written and multimedia material. If you are an author/presenter, contact us for more information:

All Other Content

Unless otherwise specified, you retain all ownership rights to other content you publish on and, such as comments, job board listings, and business directory profiles. Except for its ownership of the collection of all content, EPIC does not claim ownership of any content you publish on or By publishing content on or you grant EPIC, including and without limitation EPIC’s co-branded, content, and syndication partners, a continuing and perpetual worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, and irrevocable license to reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, publicly perform, and publicly display the content for purposes including:

  • Displaying, distributing, promoting, and generally operating or
  • Promoting and marketing EPIC’s products, programs, and services and those of EPIC’s partners and affiliates.
  • Promoting and marketing products, programs, and services related to your content.
  • Creating, promoting, and marketing new EPIC products, programs, and services, or licensing others to do so.

Information Retained

Some content posted to public areas of or may be retained and displayed indefinitely. Deleting specific information in your EPIC profile, or deleting your account entirely, will completely remove it from and When your account is shut down or your membership terminated, EPIC may retain a copy of your information (including browser information) for archival purposes. Archival copies are maintained solely so that we may recover content and restore accounts in case of errors or system failure per legal requirements. Search engines can and do index our pages. We cannot remove posts from people’s private email inboxes or from public search indexes.


We are continually upgrading our resources and events to be more accessible. Please read more here. If any information, resources, or events are not accessible for you, please contact us so we can find solutions:


Profanity & Harassment

We expect professional courtesy from everyone who engages with our site and community platform. Please refrain from using profanity. Our administrators do not tolerate any sort of harassment of members. Flaming, name-calling, insults, taunts, or other behaviors that inhibit the free expression of thought on or are cause for the offending user being removed from the organization.

Plurality of Voices

This website and community platform exist so members of the ethnographic community can easily communicate with one another. Excessive posting by any one subscriber tends to inhibit others’ participation in the discussion, and it becomes difficult to maintain a plurality of voices. If an individual subscriber consistently makes excessive comments, the administrator will warn that subscriber. If this pattern of behavior continues, the list administrator may remove that subscriber and/or subscriber’s comments.

Staying on Topic

EPIC sponsors this website and community platform to provide a forum for the discussion of ethnographic praxis issues, best practices, and methods among practitioners, teachers, and students of ethnographic research and others who are interested in ethnographic theory and practice. All posting and comments on this website and community platform must relate to ethnographic praxis. While discussions may encompass subjects from a range of research, business, design, computer science, and many other fields as they relate to ethnographic theory and practice, please keep the primary focus of your topics of discussion on ethnographic praxis.

Advertisements for Products or Services

Products, programs, and services may be discussed, recommended, or evaluated in a substantive manner. Advertisements or promotions without a sufficient, substantive contribution, or that are overly promotional in tone, may be removed at the discretion of the administrators.

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  • Credit card details are not transferred by or stored on the server.
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