The EPIC 2013 Conversation

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Oracles, fear, wonderment and magic graced the Faraday Theater of the Royal Institution of Great Britain once again. They appeared, appropriately, intertwined with the story of the advancement of science, and of technologies of knowledge. At the 9th annual Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference, the very fundamentals of humanity, from senses to mediation, were explored and questioned. What an honor to be hosted at this esteemed organization to engage in the exploration of ethnographic praxis in industry!Experimenting with a theme-less program, the conference exposed the breadth and range of current ethnographic practice. In this year’s conversation we note just some of the threads and themes we observed to play out. But before that, we want to offer a reflection on the very existence of EPIC and its mission at the cusp of its 10th birthday.

The ethnographic marketplace matures with new challenges ahead

A couple of years ago we realized the Board faced a rather extraordinary and humbling problem. We had an over-abundance of opportunities to grow in new and compelling ways – by adding regional events, by broadening the market share of participation, by teaching ethnographic methods...


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