Advancing the Value of Ethnography

Enacting Scales: Reflections from an Anthropologist Working in Asia’s Ad World


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2020 EPIC Proceedings p 116, ISSN 1559-8918,


PechaKucha Presentation—The conference theme for EPIC2020 is all about scale. For many, scale will probably evoke images of sizing up, moving forward, getting better. But does scale carry the same meaning in all contexts? Could scaling back be the key to enacting scales successfully? And is it possible to enact scales when ethnography and the broader topic of anthropology are unheard among those around you? Reflecting on my own experience working in Thailand and China and my encounters with other design and business anthropologists working in Asia, I share an honest career narrative about enacting scales. My PechaKucha speaks truthfully about the struggles in applying ethnography, and inspires with learnings on how anthropologists can adapt the broader practice of anthropology and find ways to continue contributing to organisations across societies in Asia.

Tiffany Tivasuradej is a Consultant at Ogilvy in Hong Kong. She holds a degree in biological anthropology from Durham University (UK). She consults for some of the world’s most influential brands where she specialises in developing human-first strategy to help multinational clients tackle challenges around branding, marketing, and customer experience in Asia. LinkedIn: