Advancing the Value of Ethnography

Frictions and the Politics of Ethnography


by [contrib_author post_id=’42828′ name=’Scott Matter’], University of Technology Sydney

Our collaborations extend well beyond our teams, stakeholders, and research participants to complex global systems defined by friction. In this lightning talk, Scott Matter inspires us to stretch the boundaries of ethnography by embracing concepts of friction.

Scott Matter is a Senior Lecturer at the TD School University of Technology in Sydney. His teaching and research contributes to societal transition toward sustainability, social and environmental justice, and more-than-human-centred community resilience. Scott holds a PhD in sociocultural anthropology from McGill University, where he investigated postcolonial rural development in rural Kenya. He has also worked as a Design Researcher and Strategic Design Lead at Fairfax Media, and as Associate Director, Shaping Futures in the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.