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How We Empower Travelers to Make More Sustainable Choices


Learn actionable tips for addressing sustainability with research and product teams.

The research team is constantly partnering with its sustainability teams to research needs, expectations, fears and blockers. In this session, learn actionable tips in researching the topic of sustainability, which comes with its challenges and opportunities.

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Nina Horstra is a UX Research Manager at, and Climate Coach at Her UX research team at focuses on Sustainability, Accessibility and on research for our websites and our apps. In her spare time she is a climate coach, helping people make more sustainable choices and help them talk about climate change effectively to help drive change.

Isabelle Rodot, Senior Researcher at, has extensive experience in both market research and user experience research. She has done research in the field of sustainability for the past 3 years to make it easier for travelers to find and book more sustainable travel options.

Veronica Raviglia is a Senior Researcher passionate about people and with a strong interest for what’s new or next (young generations, emerging media, sustainability challenges, AI and so on). Her professional goal is understanding how brands and companies should best tackle all these areas in order to win people’s trust and loyalty.

Eline Metske, Senior Researcher at, is a quantitative researcher with a natural curiosity for understanding what drives people. Finding a story in numbers is what she enjoys the most about her job. Eline joined 5 years ago in the Marketing Insights team. Throughout the years she worked on many topics, and by now specializes in research about brand performance and sustainability.