Scaling Out (Not Only Up): Distributed Collaboration Models to Get Work Done

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In this catalyst, we the authors describe the benefits of ‘scaling out’: reaching out beyond one's organization to bring in external partners to accomplish UX research. Organizations scale out their research efforts in order to cover more ground, draw from more specialties, or conduct more research more quickly than they would be able to alone. As opposed to growing an in-house team to meeting research needs (‘scaling up’), scaling out can be a more inclusive approach to generating user insights, where the voices of diverse research partners throughout the world are brought together to produce powerful UX research outcomes. A case study example of work with suppliers and clients illustrates scaling out. Collective intelligence pushes scaling out even further, as it counts research participants, users and potential users as part of the network of partners who get work done.

Keywords: distributed collaboration, scaling out, collective intelligence, global research

Article citation: 2020 EPIC Proceedings pp 149–161, ISSN 1559-8918,

Pages: 1 2 3

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