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From Insights to Intuition: Transforming the Role of Research


What if we shift our goal as researchers from delivering data and insights to building the intuition that drives decision-making?

What if we shift our goal as researchers from delivering data and insights to building and reforming intuition? If we see ourselves primarily as owners of our team’s intuition rather than owners of data, so much changes – we expand our toolbelt, we expand our audience, we deepen our partnership with other functions, and we become necessary participants in and accelerants of decision making. In this workshop, participants discussed the impact of shifting our goal in this manner and what possible opportunities may bed unlocked as a result.


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Asif Baki brings 20+ years of industry experience to his role as Principal and Leadership Coach at Listen Labs, where he provides leadership coaching to industry leaders and consults with companies looking to scale their products globally. Clients include senior leaders and companies like Google, Noom, The Ohio State University, Walmart Labs, Ford, Pinterest and more. He is best known for his role as Co-founder and Senior Director for User Experience and Strategy & Operations teams of the Next Billion Users Initiative at Google. Prior to NBU, he held various leadership roles for Google Maps, Search, and Ads. Before joining Google in 2006, Asif led research for Digital Media at Microsoft for three years. He has an M.S. from University of Michigan Ann Arbor and a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He currently resides in Chicago with his wife and 2 sons.

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