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New Words for New Worlds


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Our current language of business is no longer fit for purpose. We are all sharply aware of the urgent need to transition into a regenerative economy, yet the words we use are holding us back. We must stop using vocabulary which roots us within a failing system and instead create a new lexicon of resiliency.

By introducing new concepts and metaphors we can redefine organizational success through new values and behaviours which embody the changes we must make.

Our Task

During the conference we ran a 3 day hive mind where we came together to co-create some inspiring new language that supports the principals of regeneration and resilience.

Our Framework

To stimulate conversations we created a semiotic map which brings to life four different meaning worlds that exist within the concept of resilience. It was through the map that people generated their ideas – including specific words, phrases & questions

Our Co-Created Response

  1. Collated language from the Mural board and physical flipcharts which we have themed under different headings which represent smaller clusters of meaning
  2. 2. Some overall questions and provocations


Wildcards are a program category at EPIC2022 designed to inspire out-of-the-box ideas from our community. The committee invited creative proposals, of any kind, that engage with the theme of resilience—and the result is a mix of visual, interactive, contemplative, and other unique engagements.

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