Advancing the Value of Ethnography

Conducting Inclusive Research across Language & Culture


Learn principles and tips for research and communications across linguistic and cultural contexts.

Language access is critical to inclusive research, products, and organizations. It requires not just translation, but culturally nuanced translation that truly connects to the people we serve. In this session learn principles and tips, as well as discuss challenging issues such as using gendered, ethnic, and racialized terms and concepts in different linguistic and cultural contexts.

Sponsored Session presented by Multilingual Connections.


Carlos Hevia is the Director of Business Development at Multilingual Connections, a Chicago-based company that provides translation, transcription, transcreation, multimedia localization, and research services in over 75 languages. Carlos is passionate about culture and distinctly aware of its power to both unite and divide. Carlos believes that the strength of our connections is inextricably tied to the depth of our understanding of each other, so he focuses on helping those around him to find the common ground needed to build trusting productive relationships. When not working, Carlos is most likely spending time cooking, swimming, and cycling.

Katie Baumann is Production Director at Multilingual Connections. She loves how the translation and localization industry brings together so many areas, including writing, linguistics, technology and business. She holds a bachelor degree in Spanish.

Multilingual Connections

Multilingual Connections is an EPIC2023 Sponsor and Equity Partner. EPIC is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization, and the support of members and sponsors makes our programming possible. Multilingual Connections specializes in culturally nuanced translation, transcreation, research moderation, and multimedia localization services that help clients create connections across languages and cultures. Learn more.