Advancing the Value of Ethnography

A Critical Moment for Global Change: Ethnographers Acting on Climate and Sustainability


Learn about critical roles for ethnography and social science as climate change and sustainability increasingly transform organizations.

Ethnography has grown, like many other industries, in tandem with a fossil fuel economy. As evidence of weather, resource and species disruption surround us on a daily basis, the climate sessions provided guideposts and practical resources to adjust and thrive as informed, climate-conscious professionals. This 2-part session explores the many opportunities unfolding to evolve ethnographic practice to suit a changing climate, to serve the needs of species and beings that include, but are not limited to, the human.

Part I: Opportunities in Climate-Shifting Organizations and Markets

Host: Melissa Gregg (RMIT University)

Presenters: Ujjwal Gupta (ReD Associates), John Rooks (SOAP Group), Carrie Snyder (More than Sustainability)

Three experts describe how companies see markets evolving with global change, and new kinds of work organizations are asking social scientists to help with when it comes to environment, climate, and sustainability.

Part II: Climate-Shifted Methods 

Host: Melissa Gregg (RMIT University)

Presenters: Josh Lepawsky (Memorial University), Kathi Kitner (Google), Mike Youngblood (Youngblood Group)

Researchers explore the environmental impact of our work and the possibilities that emerge when ethnography prioritizes climate- and carbon-conscious methods.


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