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Simon Roberts, a founder of Stripe Partners, is an expert at using the power of ethnography to drive strategy and innovation by continuously unveiling the 'black magic' of people's worlds. He has crafted a pioneering career, compelled by intense curiosity and key moments of serendipity. His illustrated journey begins with his discovery of anthropology at Edinburgh University... (please click on illustrations to enlarge)
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EPIC Papers & Posts by Simon Roberts

Knowing That and Knowing How: Towards Embodied Strategy (free article, sign-in required)

Making the Case for Cases, Part 1: EPIC Case Studies 101 & Part 2: Pathmaking

Bring Back the Bodies

Models of Enchantment and the Enchantment of Models

Putting Mobility on the Map: Researching Journeys and the Research Journey (free article, sign-in required)


Charlotte Hollands is a freelance ethnographer, sketch-noter, and illustrator. She is currently researching the production-of-creativity through the process-of-drawing, and developing a way to use and teach drawing-methods that can help unravel and illustrate complex concepts and ideas.

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  1. More than a little mind-blowing…cartooning it ain’t! Charlotte’s drawing and Simon’s occupational ‘life history’ seem made for each other (as well as his for his persona) bravo, BRAVO to everyone involved!

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