Tutorial: Creating a Responsible AI Practice

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Learn models and principles to ensure organizations are creating, using, and deploying AI that coworkers, customers, and society can trust.

Instructors: KATHY BAXTER, Principal Architect of Ethical AI Practice, Salesforce) & YOAV SCHLESINGER, Architect of Ethical AI Practice, Salesforce



This video has been edited to protect the privacy of participants in the live tutorial.

Our lives are directed, enriched, influenced, and sometimes harmed by AI, in both obvious and not-so-obvious ways. Although many AI regulations have been implemented in the last few years and more regulation is coming, organizations cannot wait until they are compelled by external forces to develop responsible AI practices. For the sake of your business, customers, and society, everyone has a responsibility to ensure that the technology they help build, sell or deploy is fair, transparent and ethical.

In this tutorial, we will walk participants through the steps of creating a responsible AI practice using a combination of lecture, exercises, and case studies. You’ll learn:

  • The four stages of the Ethical AI Maturity model and how to advance along this continuum
  • What is required to create a responsible AI practice; and
  • Concrete steps to improve or deepen your existing processes or practices


Kathy Baxter is Principal Architect of Ethical AI Practice at Salesforce with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. Kathy develops research-informed best practices to educate Salesforce employees, customers, and the industry on the development of responsible AI. She collaborates and partners with external AI and ethics experts to continuously evolve Salesforce policies, practices, and products. She is also a member of Singapore’s Advisory Council on the Ethical Use of AI and Data and the co-author of “Understanding Your Users: A Practical Guide to User Research Methodologies.” You can read about the Ethics AI Practice Team’s current research at salesforceairesearch.com/trusted-ai. Twitter: @baxterkb

Yoav Schlesinger is Principal of Ethical AI Practice at Salesforce. He helps instantiate, embed and scale industry-leading best practices for the responsible development, use, and deployment of AI. Prior to joining this team, Yoav worked at Omidyar Network where he led the Responsible Computer Science Challenge and helped develop EthicalOS, a risk mitigation toolkit for product managers. Before that, he leveraged his undergraduate studies in Religious Studies and Political Science as a leader of mission-driven, social impact organizations. Twitter: @yschlesinger

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