Advancing the Value of Ethnography

Debugging Distributed Teamwork: New Research


An EPIC2020 Sponsored Panel presented by Atlassian

The Atlassian Research & Insights team commissioned a research study that involved thousands of workers across the globe to see how COVID-19 and the sudden shift to working from home has affected them. Atlassian looked inward, too, to find out how Atlassians were impacted by the sudden, lasting change to work remotely. In this panel, moderated by Head of Research & Insights, Leisa Reichelt, the people behind this work will discuss the unanticipated impacts of the pandemic that our research uncovered and how we might all respond going forward.


Leisa Reichelt leads the research and insights team at Atlassian, where they are interested in unleashing the potential of every team. Prior to Atlassian Leisa spent some time working with Government Digital Services, both in Australia and in the UK. In both cases, building research capabilities within government digital teams that helped to create easier and more accessible public services. And before that Leisa was consulting with a mix of London tech startups and household name brands including The Economist, the BBC, Virgin Atlantic, and more. Although she loves research, Leisa loves, even more, the challenge of helping organisations transform themselves through gaining a compelling and closer understanding of the user needs they serve.

Gillian Bowan is an anthropologist who specialised in class formation and experience in South Asia. Moving into user research in 2013, she has worked for the Digital Transformation Agency on a digital ID for all Australians and for My Health Record. Now at Atlassian, she loves solving problems for all kinds of teams.

Jarrod Payne is a specialist quantitative researcher. Originally from South Africa, he studied as a research psychologist – specialising in quantitative design, statistics, and psychometrics. Before joining Atlassian he has worked in social research, academia, and market research across Africa and Australia – most recently as the Consulting Director for Kantar Analytics Australia. In his role at Atlassian, Jarrod leads the brand and strategy research arm as well as several internally focused people programs. Most recently Jarrod has been driving the internal surveys focusing on staff response to working from home during COVID-19.

Owen Hodda is the Employee Experience Design Lead at ANZ Bank. His role there covers the design and delivery of services and products that are used by ANZs workforce across the globe. He is also heavily involved in the scaling and integration of design methods and workflows across the bank. Working with teams and leaders to adopt a more design-led approach to how problems are understood and solved, and how solutions are developed. Prior to ANZ, Owen was a founding member of MAKE Studios, and also Deloitte Digital’s experience research practice.

Chris Marmo is the Co-Founder & CEO of Paper Giant, a cross-disciplinary design and research practice based in Melbourne, Australia. Paper Giant specialises in exploratory design research, through ethnographic research methods, creative tools, and practices. Chris is a highly regarded leader in design and organisational transformation, and one of Australia’s most experienced practitioners of human-centred design. His unique perspective comes from combining an education in psychology and computer science with a PhD in anthropology. Chris has published over a dozen peer-reviewed articles about design and has taught human-centred design at Master’s level. He has been a visiting scholar at universities such as UCL London and MIT.